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The toolkits

The toolkits

by ross at 02:48:24 on October 25, 2016

We will install the toolkits by installing each toolkit configuration utility.


# pkg install gtkchtheme
# pkg install gtk-engines2
# pkg install ubuntulooks
# pkg install gtk-murrine-engine
# pkg install gtk-aurora-engine
# pkg install gtk-equinox-engine
# pkg install gnome-icon-theme
# pkg install gnome-icon-theme-extras

Note: Equinox theme engine will also install Faenza icon set.

Run gtk-chtheme to setup GTK 2 theme


# pkg install qt4-qtconfig
# pkg install gstreamer1-plugins-all

Run qtconfig-qt4 to setup Qt theme. If you use KDE then you can change its appearance in System Settings.