Virtual mail domains and users in plain files

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by ross at 11:33:16 on April 27, 2017

Installation of eximpw

Now, with Exim and Dovecot installed and configured, all you need is an utility to manage the configuration files.

Download  eximpw:

# cd /usr/local/bin
# fetch
# chmod a+x eximpw

Using eximpw

Run eximpw without arguments to get the list of commands.

Typical usage:

# eximpw domainadd
# eximpw useradd ross
# eximpw userpass ross

The configuration

Refer to the first page for the list of files. Here are some examples:

— Make Exim advertize itself as when receiving mail for (add to exim.domain2mx):

— We have ip on our network interface, make Exim send outgoing mail for throug it (add to exim.domain2ip):

— Make Exim advertize itself as when talked to on (add to exim.ip2mx):

— Make an alias for (add to


— Set ross' quota to 2 gigabytes (add to

ross: 2G