WINE for 32/64bit FreeBSD


by ross at 04:55:01 on August 25, 2015

Install Wine:

# cd /usr/ports/emulators/wine-devel
# make config-recursive
Check these in addition to defaults:
  x GECKO - adds browser support to Windows programs, Steam uses it
  x MONO - support for .NET applications
  x OPENAL - check this if your microphone does not work in Wine
# make install clean

Skip to the next page if you are on 32bit FreeBSD or installing 64bit Wine on 64bit FreeBSD.

64bit FreeBSD chroot cleanup

Exit chroot:

# exit
# umount /compat/i386/dev
# umount /compat/i386/usr/src
# umount /compat/i386/usr/ports

Create symlink for Wine plugins:

# cd /usr/local/share
# ln -s /compat/i386/usr/local/share/wine

Fetch the wrappers:

# cd /usr/local/bin
# fetch
# fetch
# fetch
# chmod a+x wine*
# rehash


Updating 32bit chroot

Note that ports in the chroot environment are not managed by system-wide portupgrade/portmaster. If you want to upgrade the chrooted ports, first run commands of “Prepare chroot” section of preious page, then (while in chroot):

# portversion -vL=
# portupgrade -a