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The ports I always install
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The ports I always install

by ross at 07:57:45 on June 18, 2015

devel/autotools - This port will install a number of tools used to build other ports.

Collection of tools that will help you manage your ports tree:

  • ports-mgmt/psearch - An utility for searching the FreeBSD Ports Collection.
  • ports-mgmt/portupgrade: Upgrade installed port: portupgrade <port name>. Or portupgrade -a to upgrade everything outdated.
  • ports-mgmt/pkg-rmleaf: Deinstall port and its dependencies.
  • ports-mgmt/pkg_tree: Generate a graphical tree of packages and their dependencies.
  • ports-mgmt/portdowngrade: Install earlier versions of ports.
  • ports-mgmt/fastest_sites - Find the fastest mirror for every mirror list in bsd.sites.mk.
    # fastest_sites > /etc/fastest_sites.conf
    # echo '.include "/etc/fastest_sites.conf"' >> /etc/make.conf

security/sudo - Program designed to allow a sysadmin to give limited root privileges to users and log root activity.

security/logcheck - Mails anomalies in the system logfiles to the administrator. You don't need it if you use OSSEC.

sysutils/tmux - Tmux is a terminal multiplexer, it enables a number of terminals to be accessed and controlled from a single terminal.

www/links - Lynx-like WWW browser with text and graphics modes with many features.

sysutils/smartmontools - Control and monitor SMART capable storage systems.

sysutils/dvd+rw-tools - This software allows one to perform DVD recording using a DVD burner, primarily via the "growisofs" utility. Users of FreeBSD 9 can use it out of the box, except for devfs setup. Users of FreeBSD 8 and earliear should refer to handbook.