FreeBSD as a Desktop

X Window System

Basic configuration of X Window System and friends.

KDE via pkg: Complete FreeBSD desktop in no time

KDE is a powerful Free Software graphical desktop environment for Linux and Unix workstations.

Handbook: Desktop Environments

This section describes the different desktop environments available for X on FreeBSD.

Custom FreeBSD desktop example (no DE)

Just an example of what you can do with your X desktop.

Compiz-based desktop

Compiz is an OpenGL compositing manager that use GLX_EXT_texture_from_pixmap for binding redirected top-level windows to texture objects. It has a flexible plug-in system and it is designed to run well on most graphics hardware.

Openbox-based desktop

Openbox is a highly configurable window manager. It allows you to change almost every aspect of how you interact with your desktop and invent completely new ways to use and control it.

Software to complement window manager

Build your own Desktop Environment.

SLiM: lightweight display manager

SLiM is a desktop-independent graphical login manager for X11

Firefox/Flash on FreeBSD

Mozilla Firefox is a free and open source web browser descended from the Mozilla Application Suite. It is small, fast and easy to use, and offers many advanced features.

WebStorm (IDEA) on FreeBSD

WebStorm is a lightweight yet powerful JavaScript IDE, perfectly equipped for client-side development and server-side development with Node.js.

Skype 4 for FreeBSD

Install Skype 4 for Linux in FreeBSD

Standalone online TV player

A little Perl wrapper for watching online TV.

Sound support: NAS

The Network Audio System is designed for playing, recording, and manipulating audio data over a network.

Printing support: HPLIP

Add printing support to your system (HP printers).

Multimedia keyboards: uhidd/xbindkeys/xmodmap

A HOWTO on activating multimedia keys in FreeBSD and creating DE-independent hotkeys.