Compiz-based desktop

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Ending the X session
Customizing Compiz

Customizing Compiz

by ross at 05:04:31 on October 11, 2012

Open Applications menu - Preferences - CompizConfig Settings Manager (or run ccsm) and customize it as you like.

Window decorator

Open Effects - Window Decoration:

  • Enable the plugin
  • Make sure you have Command: emerald --replace

Viewport switcher

In Desktop group:

  • Enable Desktop wall
  • Enable Viewport switcher

Now you can set keyboard or mouse shortcuts to switch viewports.

Wobbly windows

If you use this plugin then (Effects - Wobbly Windows):

  • Uncheck Maximize effect
    My compiz used to crash on displaying maximized windows until I disabled the option above.


Open Effects - Animations:

  • In Open Animation tab:
    • Select first line of Animation Selection region (for type=Normal): click Edit and set effect to Burn.
    • Set Burn effect for the second line (type=Menu).
    • Set Beam Up effect for the third line (type=Tooltip).
  • In Close Animation tab:
    • Repeat, set Burn effect for the first two lines and Beam Up for the third line.
  • In Minimize Animation tab:
    • Set effect to Fold.
  • In Focus Animation tab:
    • Set effect to Dodge.

Window Management

Open Window Management - Shift Switcher:

  • Enable the plugin
  • Set Initiate (All Workspaces) key to Alt-Tab.

Custom hotkeys

Open General - Commands:

  • Enable the plugin
  • Edit “Command line 0”:
    sh -c "mkdir -p ~/Screenshots ; scrot ~/Screenshots/%Y-%m-%d_%T.png"
  • On Key Bindings tab associate “Run command line 0” with a hotkey (PrintScreen, for instance).
  • Install graphics/scrot.


Relogin (restart X) in order to apply the changes.

I'm using compiz-fusion and Desktop Wall plugin. The desktop wallpaper (set with hsetroot) slide along with my open windows. In ccsm, there is a setting for "non-sliding windows," which includes type=Desktop.
Any suggestions?
-- Dola Marco
Wednesday, February 6, 2013, 8:50:25
It seems that root window in Compiz doesn't have a type or ID. So, no idea how to prevent it from sliding.

You could set Wall Sliding Duration to 0 if you really hate it.
-- ross
Thursday, February 7, 2013, 5:04:27