SMART: Disks maintenance


by ross at 08:58:06 on November 18, 2012


# cd /usr/ports/sysutils/smartmontools
# make install clean


Edit /usr/local/etc/smartd.conf

DEVICESCAN -a -m root

On some of my hosts smartd failed to start (DEVICESCAN does not work). In this case you need to specify the disks. If you have four disks, replace the line above with:

/dev/ada0 -a -m root
/dev/ada1 -a -m root
/dev/ada2 -a -m root
/dev/ada3 -a -m root

Add to /etc/rc.conf

# Enable smartd

Start smartd

# service smartd start

Now you will be emailed when any problems with SMART are detected.

Checking current SMART values

# smartctl -A /dev/ada0

Check smartcl man page for more information. You can run SMART self test with this tool and more...


I am learning a lot from here thanks
-- Gaurav
Saturday, July 18, 2015, 8:02:47