Web mail: SquirrelMail


by ross at 07:23:27 on October 28, 2011


# cd /usr/ports/mail/squirrelmail
# make install clean
# rehash

Configure SquirrelMail:

# cd /usr/local/www/squirrelmail
# ./configure

Configure it to meet your setup.

In my case I typed 2, then 1, entered the domain name: example.com, then typed a, then 8, set the server software: courier, then s then q.

Edit /usr/local/etc/apache22/Includes/squirrelmail.conf:

    Alias /mail "/usr/local/www/squirrelmail/"

    <Directory "/usr/local/www/squirrelmail/">
        Options None
        AllowOverride None
        Order Allow,Deny
        Allow from all

Restart apache:

# service apache22 restart

Navigate to http://your-web-server/mail/src/configtest.php. You should get diagnostic messages ending with "Congratulations, your SquirrelMail setup looks fine to me!"

You're done. Go to http://your-web-server/mail and login.

SquirrelMail configtest

This script will try to check some aspects of your SquirrelMail configuration and point you to errors whereever it can find them. You need to go run conf.pl in the config/ directory first before you run this script.

SquirrelMail version: 1.4.23 [SVN]
Config file version: 1.4.0
Config file last modified: 13 December 2014 00:08:46
Checking PHP configuration...
PHP version 5.4.35 OK.
Running as N/A(N/A) / N/A(N/A)
error_reporting: 22527
variables_order OK: GPCS.
PHP extensions OK. Dynamic loading is disabled.
Checking paths...
Data dir OK.
Attachment dir OK.
Plugins OK.
Themes OK.
Default language OK.
Base URL detected as: (location base autodetected)
Checking outgoing mail service....
SMTP server OK (220 amel.ba ESMTP Postfix)
Checking IMAP service....
ERROR: Error connecting to IMAP server "".Server error: (61) Connection refused
-- IMAP problem, how i fix it?
Friday, December 12, 2014, 23:41:29