Project management: Trac

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CGI script of Apache
Add repository


by ross at 03:39:10 on April 18, 2012

Install Subversion and create a project before we begin. I assume you created /home/svn/repos/projectname.


# cd /usr/ports/www/trac
# make install clean
# rehash

Leave options at their defaults.


# pw groupadd projectname
# pw useradd projectname -g projectname \
  -d /home/trac/projectname -s /bin/sh

# chgrp -R projectname /home/svn/repos/projectname
Add svn user and svn+ssh commiters to the project group:
# pw groupmod projectname -m svn,user1,user2,user3
# service svnserve restart
Users user1, user2, user3 should relogin to enter new group

# mkdir /home/trac
# trac-admin /home/trac/projectname initenv
# chown -R projectname:projectname /home/trac/projectname

Set timezone to match server's time — edit /home/trac/projectname/conf/trac.ini, find section [trac] and add:

default_timezone = Europe/Kiev

Or whatever zone you are. This way Age column in source code browser will show correct time.

Add users

# trac-admin /home/trac/projectname permission add admin TRAC_ADMIN
# trac-admin /home/trac/projectname permission add user1
# trac-admin /home/trac/projectname permission add user2
# trac-admin /home/trac/projectname permission add user3