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Any user that is a member of the wheel group can use "su -" to simulate
a root login. You can add a user to the wheel group by editing /etc/group.
		-- Konstantinos Konstantinidis <kkonstan at>
By pressing "Scroll Lock" you can use the arrow keys to scroll backward
through the console output.  Press "Scroll Lock" again to turn it off.
Can't remember if you've installed a certain port or not? Try "pkg info
-x port_name".
Ever wonder what those numbers after command names were, as in cat(1)?  It's
the section of the manual the man page is in.  "man man" will tell you more.
		-- David Scheidt <dscheidt at>
Forget how to spell a word or a variation of a word? Use

	look portion_of_word_you_know
		-- Dru <genesis at>
Forget what directory you are in? Type "pwd".
		-- Dru <genesis at>
Forget when Easter is? Try "ncal -e". If you need the date for Orthodox
Easter, use "ncal -o" instead.
		-- Dru <genesis at>
FreeBSD is started up by the program 'init'.  The first thing init does when
starting multiuser mode (ie, starting the computer up for normal use) is to
run the shell script /etc/rc.  By reading /etc/rc and the /etc/rc.d/ scripts,
you can learn a lot about how the system is put together, which again will
make you more confident about what happens when you do something with it.
Handy bash(1) prompt:  PS1="\u@\h \w \!$ "
		-- David Scheidt <dscheidt at>
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