Tips & Tricks

Wonder what `top' memory values are?
	Active - memory actively used
        Inactive - memory of terminated programs, etc
        Wired - memory that cannot be paged out
        Cache - memory in the buffer cache queue
        Buffer - memory allocated to IO buffer
		-- Ross <ross at>
To format a flash drive:
	gpart create -s mbr da0
	gpart add -t fat32 da0
	newfs_msdos /dev/da0s1
To list all hosts of a domain:
	dig -t AXFR domain.tld
Need to write an ISO image to CD/DVD/BD? Install sysutils/cdrtools and
find your burner device number:
	cdrecord -scanbus
If it is "6,0,0", for instance, then:
	cdrecord dev=6,0,0 speed=4 blank=fast
	cdrecord dev=6,0,0 speed=4 /path/to/the-image.iso
Good for-do loop for restarting network on FreeBSD 10.1
(NOTE: Change the name of your network interface accordingly)

Run in (ba)sh:
    for i in netif routing; do service $i restart; service dhclient restart em0; done
		-- Dwight <dsmith_60 at>
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