Tips & Tricks

Having trouble using fetch through a firewall? Try setting the environment
variable FTP_PASSIVE_MODE to yes, and see fetch(3) for more details.
If other operating systems have damaged your Master Boot Record, you can
reinstall it with boot0cfg(8). See
"man boot0cfg" for details.
If you accidentally end up inside vi, you can quit it by pressing Escape, colon
(:), q (q), bang (!) and pressing return.
If you are in the C shell and have just installed a new program, you won't
be able to run it unless you first type "rehash".
		-- Dru <genesis at>
If you do not want to get beeps in X11 (X Windows), you can turn them off with

	xset b off
If you have a CD-ROM drive in your machine, you can make the CD-ROM that is
presently inserted available by typing 'mount /cdrom' as root.  The CD-ROM
will be available under /cdrom/.  Remember to do 'umount /cdrom' before
removing the CD-ROM (it will usually not be possible to remove the CD-ROM
without doing this.)

Note: This tip may not work in all configurations.
If you need a reminder to leave your terminal, type "leave +hhmm" where
"hhmm" represents in how many hours and minutes you need to leave.
		-- Dru <genesis at>
If you need to ask a question on the FreeBSD-questions mailing list then\

contains lots of useful advice to help you get the best results.
If you write part of a filename in tcsh,
pressing TAB will show you the available choices when there
is more than one, or complete the filename if there's only one match.
If you `set watch = (0 any any)' in tcsh, you will be notified when
someone logs in or out of your system.
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