Tips & Tricks

Time to change your password? Type "passwd" and follow the prompts.
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To change an environment variable in /bin/sh use:

	$ VARIABLE="value"
	$ export VARIABLE
To change an environment variable in tcsh you use: setenv NAME "value"
where NAME is the name of the variable and "value" its new value.
To clear the screen, use "clear". To re-display your screen buffer, press
the scroll lock key and use your page up button. When you're finished,
press the scroll lock key again to get your prompt back.
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To determine whether a file is a text file, executable, or some other type
of file, use

	file filename
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To do a fast search for a file, try

	 locate filename

locate uses a database that is updated every Saturday (assuming your computer
is running FreeBSD at the time) to quickly find files based on name only.
To erase a line you've written at the command prompt, use "Ctrl-U".
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To find the hostname associated with an IP address, use

	drill -x IP_address
		-- Allan Jude <allanjude at>
To obtain a neat PostScript rendering of a manual page, use ``-t'' switch
of the man(1) utility: ``man -t <topic>''.  For example:

	man -t grep >	# Save the PostScript version to a file
	man -t printf | lp	# Send the PostScript directly to printer
To quickly create an empty file, use "touch filename".
		-- Dru <genesis at>
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