Tips & Tricks

To read a compressed file without having to first uncompress it, use
"zcat" or "zless" to view it.
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To repeat the last command in the C shell, type "!!".
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To save disk space in your home directory, compress files you rarely
use with "gzip filename".
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To search for files that match a particular name, use find(1); for example

	find / -name "*GENERIC*" -ls

will search '/', and all subdirectories, for files with 'GENERIC' in the name.
      	--  Stephen Hilton <nospam at>
To see all of the directories on your FreeBSD system, type

	find / -type d | less

All the files?

	find / -type f | less
To see how long it takes a command to run, type the word "time" before the
command name.
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To see how much disk space is left on your partitions, use

	df -h
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To see the 10 largest files on a directory or partition, use

	du /partition_or_directory_name | sort -rn | head
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To see the IP addresses currently set on your active interfaces, type
"ifconfig -u".
		-- Dru <genesis at>
To see the last 10 lines of a long file, use "tail filename". To see the
first 10 lines, use "head filename".
		-- Dru <genesis at>
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