Tips & Tricks

'' then ``:w!'' to force the

This won't work if you don't have write permissions to the directory
and probably won't be suitable if you're editing through a symbolic link.
You can adjust the volume of various parts of the sound system in your
computer by typing 'mixer <type> <volume>'.  To get a list of what you can
adjust, just type 'mixer'.
You can automatically download and install binary packages by doing

	pkg install <package>

This will also automatically install the packages that are dependencies
for the package you install (ie, the packages it needs in order to work.)
You can change the video mode on all consoles by adding something like
the following to /etc/rc.conf:


You can use "vidcontrol -i mode | grep T" for a list of supported text
		-- Konstantinos Konstantinidis <kkonstan at>
You can disable tcsh's terminal beep if you `set nobeep'.
You can install extra packages for FreeBSD by using the ports system.
If you have installed it, you can download, compile, and install software by
just typing

	# cd /usr/ports/<category>/<portname>
	# make install && make clean

as root.  The ports infrastructure will download the software, change it so
it works on FreeBSD, compile it, install it, register the installation so it
will be possible to automatically uninstall it, and clean out the temporary
working space it used.  You can remove an installed port you decide you do not
want after all by typing

	# cd /usr/ports/<category>/<portname>
	# make deinstall

as root.
You can look through a file in a nice text-based interface by typing

	less filename
You can make a log of your terminal session with script(1).
You can often get answers to your questions about FreeBSD by searching in the
FreeBSD mailing list archives at
You can open up a new split-screen window in (n)vi with :N or :E and then
use ^w to switch between the two.
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